Service is what Metro Computer is all about.  Professional service.  Personalized, fast and friendly service!  Its a benefit we call our Concierge Services.

Concierge Services include:

  • Person to person consultations, when technical insight and trusted advice is needed - before and after the sale.  We know the products we sell - because we use them, too.  There's no better way to know and understand where they can provide value to your business and how to resolve technical issues, should they arise.
  • Full service technical support of the IT systems and solutions we provide.; the tools which allow you to run your business and eliminate unnecessary stress.  Metro Computer is your one stop shop.  We offer today's Best of Class products, backed by World-Class Support.  We maintain inside tracks with our vendors, ensuring you have access to the best degree of technical support available.
  • Prompt and thorough service means making a special delivery after hours or providing emergency service for a client on the weekend.  Our service is about YOU - when you need it and where you need it.
  • Affordable remote monitoring and management of mission-critical servers and workstations delivers a proactive approach to computer support.  Chances are good we'll know about pending problems well before you or your business does.  We can tirelessly monitor and tune individual machines or complete networks, averting unplanned outages or service disruptions  to a very high degree - usually with no negative impact on productivity and without rolling a truck to your home or office.
  • We're here for you, baby!  We like putting good products to use and we appreciate our great clients who use them!