Physical Security & Surveillance Systems

Physical security and surveillance systems aren't just about stopping crime. Intelligent video systems encompass a wide range of different technologies, assembled to accomplish all forms of general and specific tasks. Tasks might include occupancy & motion detection, traffic & people counting, marketing & product placement, productivity & workflow analysis and much more. The right video solution for you may or may not include intrusion detection and prevention systems, access control and visitor management, software & tools. We can help you find the right mix of video technology (and other resources) to improve workplace efficiency, enhance security and ultimately improve the way we all work, live and play.

See what IP cameras can do for you today. We'll help you create the right security and surveillance system that meets your immediate needs and can grow when your needs to.

When you choose Metro Computer as your supplier of physical security and surveillance products and services in San Diego County, here are some of the substantial benefits:

  • Tailored Packages – your security needs and our solutions are unique. We help you understand and address those needs with the right custom package for your business and budget.
  • Verifiable Security 24/7 – Metro Computer's secure video management systems are accessible locally and remotely, based upon user credentials and custom access controls
  • Always available – part of what makes our physical security solutions systems so exceptional is that we are always available to service and support them, regardless of time or holiday.

You can rest easy when your assets are monitored and protected with a well-designed Physical Security and Surveillance System by Metro Computer. Contact us today for more information.