We know you’ve heard the words “customer engagement” more than once, and that’s because it’s one of the most important things you can do when it comes to your business. In fact, a new study has found that customers today are feeling more connected to brands than ever before, because they have more access to valuable information and recommendations.

Over half of customers worldwide say that they would dig out the details on a company they’re thinking of purchasing from, rather than just skimming the highlights. On the other hand, we know that consumers don’t want to read through pages of product reviews. Maybe partially because of Twitter, customers want their information to all be on the same page, if not the same line.

So how are you supposed to make customers happy if they seem to want two very different types of engagement?

Don’t Give Your Customers Too Many Choices

If you think bombarding customers with the ability to choose is going to make choosing easier for them, think again. The much more likely outcome is that people will shove their choices away in confusion and look for something much simpler and easier to choose. Giving them too many choices doesn’t make them feel confident, and that’s what you should be shooting for.

Tell Your Story in a Consumable Way

What details can you leave out? What details are absolutely necessary to get a good image of your company? The story your company tells should be focused and easy to read, but detailed as well. Your story should not only be included in words, but in the design of your page, the way it’s laid out, and the color scheme as well.

Support Them Along the Way

Show your customers you’re the good guy by providing constant support along the path they choose. If you think there might be a question from even a single customer, make sure there’s a button they can click to get more information.

Build affinity and drive purchases using the methods above, and you’re sure to start finding your name known sooner than later.