Have you ever experienced (or watch someone else experience) a network hack? Not only is it terrifying, it’s also expensive for a small business owner to manage. When you lose data, you have to not only fix the back end, but the front end too. You can’t just leave your customers in the dark, and following up to the massive amount of fallout that occurs can be absolutely overwhelming. So instead of worrying about all of that after the fact, just stop a hack in its tracks and be safer in the end for it.

Make Sure Your Users are Safe

It’s sad, but true: those who use your network and do not practice safe habits are usually the weakest link. To prevent breach of data because of a bad move, cyber-security should be part of your training process when you hire on a new employee. Both users who are at your physical building and those who work remotely should both be trained appropriately to prevent accidental leaks.

Make Your Password Strong

Don’t use blank or default passwords. Leaving computers open or using default passwords is almost like leaving the keys in the engine of your car and walking away. Is something bad going to happen? If you leave it there long enough, absolutely. Make your passwords understandable and easy for you to remember, but make sure they’re complex and include special characters, capital letters, and numbers.

Remember It Can Happen to You

Don’t ever assume that a breach can’t happen to you. It can, no matter how vigilant you may think you’re being. If thoughts like, “Why would anyone bother to target us?” ever cross your mind, then you know you aren’t being safe enough. It could always happen to you, no matter how small or large your company is.

Always practice safe measures when it comes to cyber-security, and you’ll find that you’re significantly reducing the risk of any network breaches. Stay vigilant, and never forget the dangers of hacking.